Organizing “People, Values and Environment” At Johnson & Johnson

Johnson& Johnson (J&J) is a pharmaceutical (health-care) company that began in 1886. J&J is headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey. In 1919, J&J entered international market with a venture in Canada. Now J&J has 250 register companies and operates its sales in 175 countries. J&J employs over 119,000, with 70,000 working outside the US. J&J holds over 54,000 patents. Since going public in 1944, the company has maintained profitability trend with a notable $61 billion profit in 2009. J&J main activities include development, manufacturing and marketing products to health care professionals and consumers across the world.

J&J has decentralized structure which empowers its local managers over their customer related decisions. Each J&J unit is semi-autonomous in production operations, strategies and market solutions. J&J CEO, William Weldon notes that decentralization accountability, ownership, employee competitiveness, agility and entrepreneurship through blending of best practices of each unit. In all J&J units, employees are empowered to initiate their policies that embrace competitiveness in the market. Also, decentralization develops employee talents.