Organizational Change at the Royal Mail Service

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You are required to write an individual, 2,000 word report. The report is an opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of key themes, issues and theories as well as analytical and communication skills.

This research report offers an opportunity to explore the recent privatization of the Royal Mail. The report should be 2,000 words (excluding references and appendices, which should not exceed 1,000 words). The report should include the following:

A. A critical evaluation of a significant recent and forthcoming organisational change of the Royal Mail Service.

B. An analysis of the substance and context of this change – explain why this change is regarded as necessary. Analyse different change approaches that could be adopted to manage this change.

C. To what extent can either the Royal Mail be said to be responding to a crisis?

D. Critically evaluate the role of Change Agents and their importance in facilitating this change.

Thorough referencing and bibliography (Harvard conventions) and Appendices (if applicable)

All reports should be written in third person and accurately Harvard referenced within the report. There should be a reference section in your report which follows the Harvard system. A Bibliography should also be included.

Your report should include a Contents page. Each section of the report should be accurately numbered (e.g. 1.0: Introduction; 2.0: Findings; 3.0: Conclusion and 4.0: Recommendations – if required). This is not an essay and therefore, sub-headings should be included throughout the report (e.g. 2.0: Findings: first sub-heading 2.1, second sub-heading 2.2 etc.).

Your report MUST NOT include any unaltered, ‘cut and pasted’ diagrams/tables/charts. All diagrams, tables and charts must be amended by you to reflect the context of the organisation, sector or case study. The original diagrams/tables/charts must be sourced (e.g. adaptation of xxxx, author, date). Any information/figures included in the table/chart/diagram must also be sourced). The prevalent use of tables to avoid exceeding the word count will be penalised.

Assessed Learning outcomes:
The assessed learning outcomes for this assignment are as follows:
On successful completion of this module students will be able to:-

L1. demonstrate an understanding of different approaches to the management of change
L4. critically evaluate the characteristic of different change programmes, crisis management against the background of the body of organisational theory.
L5. demonstrate an understanding of change agent skills and be capable of facilitating change intervention

Assessment Criteria:
The assessment criteria for this assessment are as follows:
• The assessment criteria for this assessment is as follows:
• Enquiry and use of sources
• Knowledge and understanding of subject matter
• Critical judgment and analytical ability
• Written communication