Organizational Behaviour

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A common assumption is that personality traits are consistent across different organisational settings. Given this, traits such as conscientiousness and extroversion are often highly valued. In your view to what extent should managers place an emphasis on selecting staff based on perceived match between their personality traits and the nature of the role? 
In your discussion you will be expected to use correct academic writing style, Chicago 16 referencing format. Your opinions must be supported and linked to what you have read from the literature on each topic. 
Do not exceed 300 words on your initial posting. Work towards a 250 word tight argument for the graded discussion. Postings need to be supported by academic references (at least 3) not from the text book. When you undertake your graded discussion (assessment 1) Please avoid over-dependence on references from our text book (or other OB text books) in favour of specific peer-reviewed literature.