Organization Behaviour

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Order Details
This is the case report and I have to use the text book that i am sending in order to answer the case report questions on page 412 there are 4 questions 14.1, 14.2 , 14.3 ,14.4 please use only the text book source that i am sending it , last time i asked for it but they didn’t notice and i asked for revision and apply those knowledge on those questions. i have to show that i understand those concept from the text book and if you use example that would be great and do not use the other resources because its useless for this report. and it should be about 1000 works not 1200 the limit is 1000 words. “please tell him to use only the text book sources not other sources last time i asked but he used other sources other sources is not gonna work for him i will get zero just text book that i sent and provide example to show that i am fully understand it ” thanks for your time, Please use the text book sources that i sent, other than that is not gonna work and answer the questions on page 412 there are 4 questions answer it in paragraph form. and the limit is 1000 word.
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