Organisational Practice in Social Work

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Organizational Practice in Social Work

Assessment Task 1: worth 35%

The first assignment addresses the first and second learning outcomes of the course in that it provides an opportunity to develop and demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between social work and management, and to critically evaluate organisational processes in organisations in which students have practised (or in a hypothetical organisation). It also serves to develop and assess the graduate attributes of:

  • The skills of effective [written] communication;
  • Skills involved in scholarly enquiry;
  • Capacity for analytical and critical thinking and for creative problem-solving;
  • Ability to engage in independent and reflective learning.



‘Based on your experience (in either a human service organisation in which you have worked/ been on placement or in a hypothetical organisation from the tutorials) discuss the relationship between social work and management. Consider the extent to which managerialist influences were evident. Based on your experiences, what might be some issues for social work in that organisational setting? You should also discuss the relevance of one (or more) organisational theories for understanding the relationship between social work and organisational management.


In developing your arguments you should combine personal reflections with academic literature. You should write in the first person when discussing your experience and should supply an introduction and a conclusion to the paper.