Organisational Behaviour (Business Management)

Order Instructions/Description

The PowerPoint slide should contain information from question 1 that I have sent you on Microsoft Word. Please make sure its succinct sentences and straight to the point so I will I can talk about it for 1 minute and 30 Seconds for the group presentation. For the oral presentation the audience needs to understand it and find it appeal so it grabs their attention. Make sure it is related and relevant to the case study, question 1 and my answer only. You will need to read through them thoroughly to produce an outstanding presentation slide. The slide should contain appropriate illustrations/ diagrams with excellent researched information using my case study (complete office supplies) question 1 (see below) and my answer, which is attached and uploaded. Can you also harvard reference in a small font at the bottom, where you got the images and information from so it’s not taking up too much space (not on a separate slide please).
I’m expecting a 1st class standard presentation slide please as I will be presenting in front of everyone in my lecture with my group. Make sure you include appropriate, sophisticated language, the right vocabulary and terminology for this slide. I want my question and answer to be summarized on one slide and make sure it makes sense with no spelling grammar mistakes. Please make sure you do not copyright my answer for question 1 and proofread.

The PowerPoint slide must be 100% original and not copied from somewhere else and it must not contain plagiarism.

My question 1:
1. Discuss the changes made in the area of communication within COS – what benefits have these brought and how have they done so? What can be gained from conducting an organisational climate or employee opinion survey?

I expect the writer to be from the UK who is fluent in English oral and written. A writer who has a lot of experience in producing 1st class standard work, background knowledge in presenting and producing an outstanding PowerPoint slides. They need to be reliable, on time and confident to take on this task. Importantly who has obtained a 1st class at University studying business management and human resource management related degree.

Attachments for this task, please use all the materials below and read through it thoroughly.

1 Case Study: Complete Office Supplies, question 1 and answer to question 1.

I will need to see a draft, as I will need to know what you’re doing and not wasting time. Your draft should be sent to me today Thursday 10th December 2015 before 9pm (British time) on time please so I can see what you have done so far and give you feedback. I don’t have much time for this and I would appreciate if you can be on time and also this is group work so I don’t want to let my group down. I have other commitments and exams next week so I need help to complete it on time to perfection. All I’m asking is one slide so it shouldn’t take that long.

Your deadline for one presentation slide is Friday 11th December 2015 before 3.00am (British time) on time please. If you can complete it before that you would be doing me a huge favor so I can send it to my group and ask for their opinion. After receiving the final version on Friday morning I will be asking for a second and third opinion from my group members and I should get back to you before Saturday morning the latest to re work on it. If I’m not fully satisfied with the work produced then I will ask to do re work on it again until it is completed to how I want it as soon as possible. The re work process should not take longer than 6 hours as it is one slide I’m asking for.

If you’re not clear about something please do not hesitate to contact me regarding to this task. I expect the work to be a 1st class standard and on time draft and final work given without any delays