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  1. Which of the following statements is CORRECT?
    a. Call options generally sell at a price less than their exercise value.
    b. If a stock becomes riskier (more volatile), call options on the stock are likely to decline in value.
    c. Call options generally sell at prices above their exercise value, but for an in-the-money option, the greater the exercise value in relation to the strike price, the lower the premium on the option is likely to be.
    d. Because of the put-call parity relationship, under equilibrium conditions a put option on a stock must sell at exactly the same price as a call option on the stock.
    e. If the underlying stock does not pay a dividend, it makes good economic sense to exercise a call option as soon as the stock’s price exceeds the strike price by about 10%, because this permits the option holder to lock in an immediate profit.

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