Operations Management – Assessment 2

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Please read the case study before answering the question. You must use examples of operations management concepts/tools/techniques/approaches to demonstrate strategies that can be used and using the literature to support assertions and recommendations. You must answer the assignment question using the lecture topics attached, please read the lecture notes in order to answer the question. These materials should form
the core of the answer. This knowledge will need to be supplemented by reading beyond the materials provided in the textbook. Also, use diagrams/charts etc to demonstrate the concepts. Use APA 6th Ed.

Project Question
Discuss the key problems that the firm faces and how the firm can improve their operations and
supply chain competitive advantage and optimise performance. Provide recommendations about how they can become more competitive using operations and
supply chain management tools, approaches, and techniques. Make sure you consider the
disadvantages (or negative elements) of the recommendations that you make.