Online advertising or digital surveillance

The four main sections of the paper should be as follows: o Topic Section: identifies what idea or topic you have chosen to write about. Make a direct reference to at least one of the assigned readings and explain or define the idea and its significance. o Text Identification Section: introduces the media text you’ve chosen. Please provide a link so that I can see what you’re referencing (you can link to the article, the video, image, movie trailer, etc. – but be sure that the link works!). o Analysis Section: explains how the media text is either representative of the idea/topic you’ve chosen, or how it is related to the idea and what you’ve learned in class. o Response/reaction Section: thoughtfully explain your personal reaction or response to learning about the idea and to the text that you’ve chosen. Has this caused you to think differently? Increased your awareness of a particular issue? Challenged or reinforced your previous beliefs? Etc.