oil & gas fields in the eastern mediterranean?

oil & gas fields in the eastern mediterranean?

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I believe their names are Afrodita, Leviathan, and Samson

They belong to Cyprus, Greece, end the Zionist entity in Palestine known to the west as Israel. The Turkish recession their share. One is oil and 2 natural gas; or 2 oil and 1 natural gas.

All information pertaining to those 3 fields oil/natural gas; amount of reserves; how many years of supply expected; impact on Egypt and Arab-World if not illegally donated to non-Arab entities; and any other analysis you may present: risk, crisis, etc. Also, what are the legal rights for the Egyptian/Arab societies to claim? Are agreements of donating those fields legal according to Vienna international conference accords? When would any international agreement between states be legal according to Vienna international conference accords?

According to all of the above I want to prove and based on the UN Act of Sea, Natural Resources Act, Regional Water Act prove the Egyptian ownership of these oil and gas fields as its nearest point location is Egypt and how does the political military coup regime in Egypt represented by the interim president Adly Mansour in his last days in power droop and gave up of a very important natural recourses that may consider as a steeling without referring to the people as according to the Vienna international conference any agreements signs between countries should approved from a free elected parliament which didn’t happen in that case.

How does the political coup regime in Egypt are taking power and drooping up the people Egyptian natural recourses without any care of the national and political interests of Egypt back then before the coup.