Oceanic injection of carbon dioxide

Order Details;

I need 2 requirements:
1-a power point presentation ( no minimum or limit for the slides as long as its reasonable ) it needs to be about Oceanic injection of carbon dioxide in my subject area which is Chemical Engineering. This issue could be ( an application of this subject to everyday life, a new development, a problem people are trying to solve, or a controversial issue). It will be presented to non-specialists so it should not be anything too in-depth or technical. The last slide should be a reference list ( the references are preferred to be free from the internet )..
It is a 7-8 minutes presentation
2- An abstract for the presentation should be between 150-200 words.
1.Background to the issue (why is this issue important or interesting?)
2.Research/methodology (what research did you do in order to find out about this issue?)
3.Results (what did you learn about this issue?)
4.Conclusions/implications (how significant is this research?)
5.You will need to state the aim of your presentation clearly.