Nursing Advocacy Custom Essay

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Question 1. Advocacy is defined as “helping others to grow and fulfill their potential.” Discuss the  three areas of advocacy (patient, subordinate, and professional advocacy) that are an essential part of  the nurse leaders role. Select one of these areas and discuss a situation in which you or a nurse leader  provided advocacy in your work setting. How important do you believe Advocacy to be in nursing? Give  reasons for your opinion. question 2. You have had the opportunity to participate in the media case  study. Discuss how you handled any potential conflict between your personal view and the position of the  hospital on the issue of staffing ratios. Discuss what you see as the most important aspect of preparing for any interview? What do you believe is the most important point to make in the interview? Explain your rationale PLEASE TAKE NOTE one page for each question, Course : leadership. Book use : leadership roles and management functions in nursing by Bessie Marquis and Carol Huston.

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