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Select an advanced nurse practice role administrator:
(Staff management): which include:
– Listen to concerns and provide counsel.
– Represent their staff within the hospital.
– Planning staff schedules. and Explain the reason for your selection: (half page)

Review and discuss 5 professional articles related to the various responsibilities and rewards and challenges associated with (staff management) for the nurse manager(2 pages)

include a discussion on the collaborative aspect of (staff management) with nursing and other disciplines. (one page)

describes how your education and work experiences fit into one of the selected roles (staff management). I DO NOT HAVE EXPERIENCE EXCEPT OF THE 180HOUR THAT I WILL EARN FROM MY TRAINIG NOW WITH THE NURSE MANAGER + THE MASTER OF NURSING SCIENCE IN ADMINISTRATION ROLE (half page)

Discuss which experiences and skills you need to develop in order to meet the role expectations of the selected (staff management) (one page)

the article within five years old please