Numerical analysis:

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Numerical analysis:

A random sample of 1440 current job applicants results in 61 failures (based loosely on data from the American Management Association).

At the ? = 0.01 significance level, test the below claim (i.e., that the failure rate is now lower)

HO: p = 0.058

HA: p < 0.058

a) Is this an upper tail, lower tail, or two-tail test? (5 points)
b) Are we testing means or proportions? (5 points)

c) State the rule of rejection (in terms of p-value and level of significance) (5 points)

d) Find the p-value (5 points)
e) Should you reject or not reject HO? (5 points)

f) Does the result suggest that fewer job applicants now use drugs? (5 points)

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