NGOs influence on the EU concerning its policies towards the Israeli settlements

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Research question How have NGOs influenced EU foreign policy towards the Israeli settlements? (Could be more specified)


The resources are preferable to be the recent ones especially in the literature review chapter


The dissertation should be critical and come up with a new thing not found in the previous literature ( fill a gap) and this should be clearly pointed out in the paper




lit review: the EU role concerning Israel and Palestine in general and then specify the case of the settlements and the role of the NGOs


Introduction: role of the NGOs On influencing the EU )what role NSAs play in EU foreign policy-making(+ NGOs relying on technical or legal frames when addressing the EU+ short things about counteractive lobbying by pro Israeli NGOs + methodology (case study/ I have to justify why I chose such methodology and how will it benefit me in my research)


Possible chapter:(the outcome of the activism of NGOs) The eu guidelines on funding

Distinguishing between Israeli proper and settlements area


Possible chapter: Labeling products and rules of origin


Conclusion can suggest what NGOs can further do to increase their influence…