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Are your EYES wide shut ? Warning: Do not make this more complicated than it is. I am telling you EXACTLY what I want You should see this Video from YouTube and write about this (Unconstitutional the war on our civil liberties). As with the News, release write-ups, our documentary series write-ups have 3 parts. Mid semester we will watch a series of Documentaries yet to be determined. I will warn you in advance tjat the movies are provocative, troubling, and timely, They will challenge what you know, what you believe, and what you ignore. We will watch them in class so that everyone has equal access to see them. You are EXPECTED to take detailed notes of the assertions made, facts and concepts presented, as well as evidences and arguments made in support of the films assertions. Each week, three such opportunities in case you wish to watch them again for taking notes purposes. (And/ or bring a guest to watch them). While I will note collect these notes, it will be impossible to do the assignment without them. Part1: First, part one must include a summary of the films major arguments and supporting proof. Most arguments have a thesis, supported by more generalized main points. It will be your job within this part to identify what the author is trying to say, prove, or show and then summarize how they build a successful argument toward that goal. Second, within this section you will also determine the perspective of the film, the opinion of the film, the purpose of the film, and the audience of the film. Part2: First, according to your notes, you will select and state 3 assertions, facts, or statements made by the film. Second, you will fact check EACH of the 3 assertions, facts, or statements against 3 outside sources of research. You goal here is to find out if the films information is correct , reliable, factual, inflated, understand, etc. if done correctly, you will have 9 sources of research that will be listed then on your works cited page. Finally, you will make a verdict based on comparing the films statement to your findings. This section might look something like this: Statement: Within the Documentary, who killed the electric car, the assertion is made that form one gallon of gas there is 12 pounds of co2 released into the air. Research fact#1: According to science today, an online magazine and I would quote the relevant information that proves, disproves, agrees with, disagrees with the stamen Im checking (a small paragraph) Research fact #2: repeat with new source ( a small paragraph) Research fact #3: repeat with new source (a small paragraph) Verdict for each fact checked: based on my findings, the films idea or statement, statistic or evidence, is close/ not close, totally correct/ totally wrong, correct but dated, biased and then I will explain my own logic behind the verdict. ( a small paragraph) Part3: The update. What has happened with your selected facts recently? Is it still happening ? has anything changed for the better or worse? Are there court cases won or lost, are there lawsuits, is there news, news, news that relates to the tines discussed in the film ? you might also include your reaction to what you have heard, read, learned-and explain . This where you should likely say, no way or no way or oh my goodness the only specific direction for this section is to answer the question: how does this topic relate to being an educated part of society)