Negotiations Results and Insights Assignment

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Behrco Results and Insights Template

Behrco Contract Negotiations

Make sure when completing this template you apply and reference material from Lewicki, et al. 

Please rely on materials from chapter 2 and 3 (uploaded in the prior order), of the Lewicki, et al. book to provide a framework for reviewing your bargaining experience. 

I want to see definitive evidence that you put the information from this book to use when negotiating and debriefing your negotiations. 

Needless to say, please follow APA referencing requirements when completing this assignment.

Your grade on the bargaining exercise will be determined by an evaluation of this template as well as a review of the transcript from your bargaining session(s).

Identify your role (union or management): Management

Results and Insights

This document is used to review your bargaining experience.

What strategies and tactics did you use that were effective? Why were they effective?

What strategies and tactics did you use that were ineffective? 

Why were they ineffective?

What strategies did your bargaining partner used that in retrospect appeared to be effective? (The partner is asking for an off on the day after thanksgiving and also for employee parking)

What steps can you take to improve your bargaining outcomes in future negotiations?