Negotiation Strategy as the Overall Plan in the in Tanning Salon Industry

People frequently get into negotiation in the world where conflict abounds, to get what they want or even get along. Negotiations are normally associated with the positive consequences for entrepreneurs and the business community at large (De Dreu, 2000). They include relations that are satisfactory and economic prosperity. This comes as no surprise for the social scientists have established fascinations that are long-term studying how people negotiate when resolving divergent interests and the way they arrive at mutual understanding. Failed negotiations can be costly for organizations that may lead to failed financial losses, missed opportunities that can threaten the survival of business (De Dreu, 2000). The purpose of this paper is to challenges associated with small business start up in the tanning salon industry. The focal of this paper is to discuss negotiation strategy as the overall plan to achieve business goals in Tanning Salon Industry.