Nationalism strengthened some of the world's greatest powers but weakened others.

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Discuss the topic with reference to the period 1890-1914.

Before writing, decide where you think the best answer lies. To make your argument as strong as possible, try pushing your answer towards one end of a line- point A. If the evidence makes this seem inappropriate, try pushing your answer in the other direction- point B. You may also find the argument the strongest in the middle of both.

First Paragraph:
In a sentence or two, explain the historical issue you are addressing.
Second, assuming you have settled on a position between points A and B but closer to B, explain the claims made for point A and what value they have.
Third, end the paragraph by explaining in a single sentence where along the line you believe the best answer lies and very briefly why.

Development Paragraphs:
If the point A merits an explanation, do so. If not, explain why not. Now you can focus on the points that justify your position close(r) to B. Build clear, wel developed arguments.
Clear conclusion

Primary and Secondary Sources
Please do not use the passive voice. Do not use “it’s” or “there are”
Include footnotes, and end notes where needed.
Bibliography at the end.