National Institute of Nursing Research

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National Institute of Nursing Research was founded in 1985 as a division of the NIH (National Institute of Health). The mission of the NINR is to “promote and improve the health of individuals, families, communities, and populations”(NINR, n.d.) by expanding nursing knowledge and nursing science. Review some of the current nursing research studies by taking a few minutes to explore the National Institute of Nursing Research website at: If you click on “News and Information” you can see some of the areas nursing research is focusing on! You can also visit Medscape for Nurses at to view monthly nursing research summaries. On the Medscape for Nurses homepage use the search bar and type in “monthly summaries of nursing research 2009”. I encourage RN students to take a few minutes and sign up for access to Medscape for Nurses. This FREE service is a wonderful gateway and resource to current nursing and health care research and articles. Striving towards a truly professional nursing practice, our goal is always to provide the most current and most effective nursing care interventions possible. This “tool” helps support this goal. If you are unsure as to what a research article is and identifying one, the following website gives a very good “visual” of the elements to look for: DQ #2: Respond to ONE of the following questions (be sure to include the question you are responding to at the beginning of your response): The discipline of nursing is focused on human responses to actual or potential health problems. How do the issues in nursing research differ from those explored in medical research or that are conducted by colleagues in other health care disciplines? OR Nursing research has its own language and terminology. Identify and describe the major sections of a research article. How does a research article differ from other nursing journal articles? In other words, how do you know an article that you are reading is a research article report? OR How can a staff nurse in an acute care setting contribute to nursing research? Justify you rationale with an example from your own practice area and patient population. OR Nursing research adds knowledge to the nursing practice. In addition, research results can be used to improve patient outocmes. Discuss relationship between nursing research and patient outcomes. Give two examples from your clinical setting.Please, I am sending you the whole instruction to help youwrite what you understand.
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