Nation Project – Taiwan

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It is the second part of nation project which include six questions, use these questions as guide to discuss Taiwan. I also upload the Part I of this Nation project, and class notes.
Identify at least two additional SCHOLARLY JOURNAL articles (not book chapters) about Taiwan that address issues not covered in course texts. The national narratives could include newspaper stories.

  1. How have factors like war and conflict shaped the nation of your choice? How has that nation
    responded to, or been shaped by, globalization?
  2. What are some of the main emblems of the nation of your choice (like its flag and national anthem)? What are the narratives of the nation embedded in those emblems?
  3. What other narratives of the nation can we find in official descriptions (for example, at government websites) and in that nation’s media?
  4. What are the narratives of that nation from sources outside it and from oppositional voices within it?
  5. How is that nation’s nationalism manifested in relation to culture in the form of sports, food and material culture? What narratives of the nation do we find in these cultural forms?
  6. Based on Mihelj’s definition of nationalism as both discourse and legitimation, how have culture and
    power factored into the nationalism of the nation of your choice?