My ideal workplace in 2020

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The module of this essay is People & Organisations. The programme that I am studying is Business Administration.

Write an essay about your ideal workplace in 2020. If you would have the opportunity to design your own workplace/organisation, how would it look like from an organisational-psychological perspective? How would people in the organisation be managed? Explain on which theoretical basis you decide to design the workplace. Explain the theory and apply it to the organisation. What would be your role in this organisation? Make sure your organisational design is not utopian (i.e., based on unrealistic
fantasy)but explain with regards to everything that has been dealt with in this unit and previous units how your organisation is based on realism and feasibility.
Max. 1,500 words, This limit may be exceeded
by 10% -150 words but no more. The word limit excludes the referencing list (or bibliography), footnotes, title and contents page. Assignments that are over length will not be marked. There is no minimum word limit. The word count must be
stated on the front cover of your assignment.
Your assignment should be typed with a font size 12, Times New Roman, and double spacing. The margin size should be 2.5cm on each side. It must look professional. By professional, I mean a clean and organized assignment (title page, sections, page numbers etc.)

General Assessment Criteria for the Coursework Assignment:

Grasp of relevant academic concepts and issue
s, including criticality.

Application of theories, concepts and models properly.

Creativity in your assessment.

Logic and relevance of conclusions and recommendations.

Presentation of report: structure, formatting, clarity of writing,
referencing and bibli

Creativity in presentation of your assignment.

You will receive feedback to your essay (based on Appendix A)(I will give it to you). Please read the marking sheet carefully so that you know what is expected
Plagiarism checks will be standard procedure for each submitted essay.