Music Industry Presentation 2

Order Instructions/Description

Students are required to discuss the working relationships between 3-4 music industry players,
highlighting the economic, legal and logistical dependencies.
Explained : (theses are the notes I took from my teacher, we have to explain how 3 or 4 jobs are linked to each others, taking the exemple of one artist, his songwriter, his manager, his record label, etc… Choose between all of those)
How these relationships are formed and depends on each other
Take one exemple, don’t overview : PPR to radio to publisher to songwriter for exemple
Key players for a carrier between A&R, Marketing, booking agents, business team etc…
Manager artists don’t agree anymore? What happens? When adele doesn’t want to stream her album, what happens with the deals?
Highlights the relationships between 3-4 key players around an artist taken for exemple.
Don’t talk about legacy too much. (I hope you understood, my explication is not very precise…)

● All sources must be clearly cited and referenced;
● Identify key players in the music industry and illustrate its value chain;
● Illustrate systems for revenue collection and income flow, use graphics.
● Employ appropriate use of industry terminology;

Assessment Criteria

● Clear and concise introduction
Assessment Guidelines
● Insightful analysis/discussion of the topic
● Insightful and well-developed conclusion
● Effective and Appropriate use of quotes, referencing and bibliography;