Order Instructions/Description
Find a pre-existing composition (I chose Music of Changes by John Cage) that is indeterminate with respect to its performance and critique a single pre-existing performance of the work (any variations of this piece).
you must hand in a typed, double spaced paper that addresses the context of the performance that you are critiquing.
Who are the performers?
Where, when and how was it performed?
How did the performers choose to interpret the score?
How effective did you find their choices to be?
You may critique a recording or a video from any online source such as YouTube.
Just be sure you can find enough information about the performance and how it relates to the score to make a well-informed critique.
Regardless of what you choose, you must include the recording in your bibliography.
(I will attach the liner notes of the vinyl album that I found earlier in the library along with the score of this piece and the program notes I wrote for the piece down below)