Order Instructions/Description
Approximately 100 words summarizing in your own words the background of the music featured on the concert. You may include limited quotes of up to 10 words from the material provided in advance of the concert, as well as the printed program distributed at the event.

Some information to include (you will have much more information available than you need, so please choose carefully for your post):

biographical information on the composers
detail on where, why, and for whom the work was originally composed
performing forces
text, if there is one: who wrote the text, in what language is it written, is it from a larger literary work, etc.
the original performance, including location, date, performers
response to the work by critics, audiences, musicians
how the pieces are organized: form, structure, themes, keys, harmony, etc.

II. Approximately 100 words describing the actual concert. Some ideas:
details concerning the actual performance, including featured soloists, quality of the performance, unexpected moments in the concert, etc.
the audience’s reaction: which pieces elicited the most positive response? were there negative or less enthusiastic to any works? can you suggest why some works proved more or less popular?
remarks made from the stage
any other specific information detailing the experience of this concert

Please note that you are expected to provide concrete, specific, and detailed information on the actual performance.