MS Project 2003 or 2007

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Refer pages 33-34 of your textbook: Essentials Microsoft Office Project 2003.

Complete Challenge exercise 4. Print the report (step 6) to a file and submit it to your instructor as an attachment.
You will need to download and install Microsoft Project 2003 if you have not already.
4. Preview a Costs Report
As a manager of a software company, you handle many new software developments. You are beginning a new project that is very similar to a project you did in 2004. To plan better, you want to look at the cost information from that project to predict more accurately the budget for this project. You print a report to do so.
1. Open the EPr1_0103 file and save it as Software.
2. Open the Reports dialog box and select Costs Report. Then select Budget.
3. Zoom in on Task 39 (Conduct marketing/technical review). The total cost of this task was $34,592.
4. Before printing, access Page Setup and modify the header and footer. The header shouldbeBudget Report for 2005 Projectonthetoplineandyour name on the second line.
5. Modify the footer to include the page number printed on the right side. 6. Change the page setup so that the report fits on two pages. Print it. 7. Save and close Software.