monopolistic competition

Watch this video: Then, type a three to five page paper with the following information: Find Chipotle’s annual report and then find another restaurant’s annual report. Explain the similarities and differences in their characteristics such as: Pricing and output (e.g. menu pricing, number of stores, customers served) Market power (e.g. market capitalization, ranking, percentage of industry) Revenues and cost structures (e.g. total revenue, revenue per store, food costs, labor costs, operating expenses) If you were to open a restaurant, how would you differentiate your restaurant to compete in this industry? Additional research is required as you need to cite a minimum of two additional sources. Must be cited in APA format. For more information on APA format, go to Purdue OWL. Must be scholarly, reliable, and current resources (The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, etc.) The textbook and definition websites (Wikipedia, Investopedia, Amosweb, Ehow, Econlib, etc.) cannot be used as sources Grade will be based on student’s use of analysis, critical thinking, use of technology, communication methods, and economic content. Type and submit a three to five page paper. Double-space in 12-point font with 1″ margins