Monitor Work Operations

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



The assignment is 3 parts which are scenario based both Parts 1 & 2 are 1000 word reports, Part 3 is a report with no set minimum word count.



Assume that you are the area manager of three branches of ‘Amazing Holidays’ travel agencies on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Your responsibilities include the delivery of an exceptional service experience to all clients across three branches. The branches are located in Coolum  Beach, Mooloolaba and Maroochydore, and have a long-established reputation in the marketplace for quality and service. Due to a recent change in the hours of operation, branches are currently operating with minimal experienced staff. New employees are being partnered with qualified staff, but due to client demands, training is minimal, therefore limiting the amount of actual training new employees are receiving.


Following are some of the service issues identified:

  • Email response time average is 48 hours
  • Store presentation is below standard, i.e. windows are dirty, and brochures are either out of date or unavailable when requested by the client
  • Phone not being answered in 3 rings
  • Clients not being acknowledged when entering the store or whilst waiting for service


Part 1 – Monitor and Improve Workplace Operations


You will be required to review the minimum standards document issued to all staff by Amazing Holidays and complete the following in a report (1000 words):


  • Compare the minimum standards to the service issues identified above.
  • Analyse the problems with the service issues from an operational and customer service perspective, including the:
  • Impact of employee behavior and productivity
  • Importance of setting targets
  • Necessity of quality assurance systems
  • Complete a standard operating procedure (SOP) for acknowledging customers when entering a store.
  • Identify the corrective action/s that you would implement as a means of monitoring the service issues, e.g. interim, adaptive, corrective action etc.

Part 2 – Plan and Organise Workflow/Maintain Workplace Records


You will be required to review the minimum  standards document issued to all staff by Amazing Holidays and complete the following in a report (1000 words):


  • Prioritise the service issues outlined above – justify your reasoning.
  • Plan and analyse a workflow  for the highest priority service issue identified above.
  • Develop an action plan which clearly addresses the causes and effects of the selected service issue, and ultimately lead to an improvement in the service. The action plan must include the following:
  • Relevant details of the service issue
  • Actions required (and by whom)
  • Timeframes for completion of actions
  • Resources required (including technology)
  • Delegation process
  • Communication of the  workflow
  • Reporting processes (and by whom)


Part 3 – Solve Problems and Make Decisions


Tackling problems and finding solutions is important in the overall development of an organization.


In a report discuss guidelines for effective decision making and recommend strategies that:

  • Initiate short-term action to resolve the immediate problem where appropriate.
  • Analyse problems for any long-term impact, and assess and action potential solutions.