Molecular Practicum

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


A brief explanation for this assignment.
We analyzed a sample of raw mince meat by using Real-time-PCR to detect presence or absence of Salmonella spp. from a food sample. No introduction and methods required.

Part 1 (p.g 7 in practical manual )
The Prof want us to write a half page summary (500 – 600 words) of our group results (group 2) for the samples using pg 26 and 27 (in AOAC-RI-PTM-Workflows-EN – attached already) as a guide and including the results for the internal control. Include the plot you have generated with correct labelling and a title for the figure/s. Discuss your conclusions of the experiment based on your interpretation of these results.

Part 2 (Answer the 24 questions simply and clearly under the question)

QUESTIONS: (find the questions in p.g 7 – 8 in practical manual )
Answer the 24 questions, that related to this experience, simply and clearly under the question. Do not use bold type for answers.

Reference and Revision (p.g 3 in practical manual )

Preprac reading: (hint- will help you with the answers to the report questions):
1. Qiagen. 2010. Food Safety Testing Solutions by Qiagen
Read pages 1-7

  1. Qiagen. 2010. MericonTM DNA Bacteria handbook
    Read page 7 and 13-14. It explains the Bacterial DNA extraction step principle and trouble shooting guide.

  2. Qiagen. 2012. MericonR Pathogen Detection Handbook
    Read pages 7-9 and 22-23 and 32-33. It explains the real-time PCR step assay principle, assay controls and trouble shooting guide.

  3. Revision for real-time PCR: Revise your molecular biology lecture in week 5 (I attached this lecture already)