Assignment Requirements

examples for you to begin thinking about how to teach these areas and integrate these with content areas.
1. To start let’s look at summaries regarding child development and current research. In Child Development and Arts Education (2012) read pages 4-6, 9-10, 25-32, and 47-49.(i uploaded it for you )
a. Many of you wrote about your experiences with music. Reviewing pages 25-32, how does the research findings compare and contrast to you early experiences?( i uploaded it for you)
b. On page 48 and 49 the authors provide 4 bullets regarding pedagogical practices. Think of these points as you read the Wright chapter in item two. I will ask you to compare and contrast.
c. Look at the NYS Prekindergarten Foundation for the Common Core document (pages 34 and 35). How do these two documents compare and contrast?
2. Read Wright (2003) chapter 8. This chapter discusses visual arts and how you might introduce/teach this area. Based on your reading, in your response address these potential issues in regards to supporting visual arts in your educational setting:
a. There is no water facet in your room.
b. Your setting has no easel or paint but you were hoping to provide children experience with paints.
c. A parent volunteers to come and make Mother’s Day cards that are a step-by-step didactic craft experience with the children.
3. Read Wright (2003) chapter 9 (some pages are intentionally missing). Based on your reading, in your response address these potential issues in regards to supporting visual arts in your educational setting:
a. There are no musical instruments available at this setting.
b. You have a child who is hearing impaired in your class/group but you want to regularly incorporate singing, listening to music and playing instruments. [Note: you may need to do a bit of research to answer this.]
4. On Blackboard is a file titled Example Videos. View 1 art and 1 music video.
a. For each video, in your response, indicate what the inspiration was for this lesson, the objective, and note what language the adult used to support the children? Do these videos demonstrate the idea of process over product? Why or why not?
b. If you are not familiar with the artist mentioned, you should search for an example of their work.
5. Let’s watch a music element that focuses on many music elements. This is a school based lesson. In your response answer the following:
a. Would this lesson meet NYS music standards? If not, why? If yes, which indicator? How might this tie into English Language Arts standards?
b. How does Mrs. Nolan use movement to help the children with the music? How might this supports English Language Learners and children with special needs?
c. How does Mrs. Nolan assess this lesson? Provide specific evidence from the video.
6. There is a folder in this module of “Module Resources.” This is a brief list of resources. I would suggest you look at the museum resources for an understanding of lesson plans for the art. This will assist you in your lesson plan assignment.
a. In order to increase our understanding of the topic and build up our resources, on the Discussion Board post two resources: one should be a resource with materials, information on using technology (an app?), etc. and the other should be a peer reviewed article implementing visual art or music with young children, especially those with special needs.

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