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Module Bus 599 case # 2 TD #2
The inputs of any industry are dependent on several factors for it to be successful all of which are in the company as well as outside. There are also organizational environment, internal resource and historical traditional factors. We shall begin with the internal resource: these involve the human resource departments whose sole purpose is to enroll staff, ensure healthy relations between workers, they hold the capacity of having the ensuring compatibility to the given area of business and within its legal mandate as noted by Cho (1992). It is the driving factor of any organization because a happy worker is highly likely to be more productive as compared to the latter. This paper looks at the inputs with reference to Nadler & Tushman (1980) article “A model for diagnosing organizational behavior”.
Inputs According to Nadler & Tushman (1980) “Inputs are the factors that at any point in time, make up the “givens” facing the organization”. They include the materials that the firm or organizations needs to work with to produce outputs. The inputs in the organization include environment, resources, history and strategy. Through the different factors the organization is able to enhance performance and ensure growth and sustainability.

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