Modern France In History and Film – Indochine

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Question: This essay (Longer Film Commentary) of approximately 4 to 6 pages, will expand on the format of the shorter film commentary by adding sources such as film reviews, interviews with the screen writer or director, and other similar materials to show the intentions behind the making of the film and the ways it was received by the public in or outside of France.
Indochine [videorecording] / co-production Paradis Films, La Generale d’Images … [et al.].
Régis Wargnier; Jean Labadie; Eric Heumann; Catherine Deneuve 1943-; Vincent Perez; Dan Linh Pham; Patrick Doyle 1953-; Paradise Films.; Generale d’Images (Firm); Sony Pictures Classics (Firm); Columbia TriStar Home Video (Firm)
Burbank, Calif. : Columbia TriStar Home Video c1993
1) Indochine / Christie Dickason.
Christie Dickason
New York : Villard Books 1987
2) Indochine / Roger Verbeke.
Roger Verbeke
Paris : Editions du Panthéon c1998
3)Indochine. All Content. N.p., 5 Feb. 1993. Web. Nov. 2013.
4)Kehr, Dave. FILM REVIEW; For Movie and Its Marketing, A Marriage of Convenience. The New York Times. The New York Times, 13 Aug. 2004. Web.
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