Military Information Paper – Regionally Aligned Brigades/Forces

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You will write an information paper about Regionally Aligned Brigades/Forces.

The information paper will be no less than one (1) typed page, and no more than two (2) typed pages in length. You will collect information and develop your information paper per the example provided to you. You will find the example in the document called “F103 Example Information Paper.” Follow the directions on the example for the format and for specific instructions on how to write an information paper. You may use the example as a template for fonts, margins, spacing etc. As a general rule, use Times New Roman 12-pitch font and one-inch margins. Remember to use third person and active voice in academic writing. 

Note: There are multiple formats for an information paper, and one format is not necessarily more correct than another. For instance, you may remember completing the C210 Information Paper using the USEUCOM format in Phase 1. In future assignments, your unit or command will tell you which format to use. For the purposes of this assignment, follow the example provided in the F103 Example Information Paper. 

The F100 information paper is due at the end of F103, and is worth 15% of the F100 grade. 

Information papers, in general, should be no longer than one page long as the primary purpose of this product is to provide relevant facts in a clear and concise manner. As with all means of communicating information, identifying and understanding your audience is an essential element for successfully delivering your message. On occasion, the makeup of your audience and the complexity of your message in relation to your audience will require you to adjust the format and established guidelines. To ensure that you are able to provide all relevant information regarding your topic, your information paper will be no more than two typed pages. 

Ordinarily, you would not cite sources in an information paper. However, as this is an academic setting, you must cite your sources for this assignment as in a standard essay. This will ensure that your Department of Distance Education (DDE) instructor/grader knows where your material came from, and will provide you a collection of resources for future use.

*** Your audience is the Division Chief of Staff, who obviously has a substantial military background, but has little knowledge of the subject of your information paper.

As a staff officer, you are expected to:
1. get all relevant, important information from subject matter experts, 
2. select the most important parts, 
3. arrange the parts in a clear and concise manner, and 
4. provide the information to your audience. 

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Keep in mind, “cutting and pasting” is not enough here. You are evaluated on how effectively you present the information. You may NOT take all or part of someone else’s information paper (or an organization’s fact sheet) and put your name on it. This is not acceptable. 

A list of sources is provided for you in the document called “F100 Information Paper and Essay Sources.” Use these sources as you begin your research process of collecting information and organizing your paper. Complete the student self-assessment portion of the F103 1009w writing evaluation form, and submit this form when you submit your information paper for grading. 


ALL work must be your own. 

If something is not your original thought, you need to cite your source using either footnotes or endnotes IAW the Turabian style of documentation; do not use parenthetical citations. This includes direct quotations, paraphrases, and summaries of the assigned readings, doctrinal references, or outside sources. You may use the F100 online lessons, readings, and references to help you prepare your assignment. Refer to ST 22-2 for guidance about citations and footnotes.