Midterm questions

Midterm questions

Project description
When answering essay questions be sure to answer all parts of each question. The best responses will use examples (data) to support their answers. Try to avoid describing things in general and vague ways.

Your essays will be graded on: 1) Did you fully and accurately answer the question? 2) Did you use data/specific examples to support your answer? And, 3) is your answer of sufficient length for you to fully develop your ideas and to indicate you prepared it prior to the exam? (at least a half page). Remember these are essay questions, not short answer questions.

You may only use material presented in lectures, assigned readings, or videos. Use of other sources, or cutting and pasting text directly out of the PowerPoint or PDF files and inserting it as your answer, or embedded links to internet sources in your essays, will result in a score of zero on the exam. You must cite all your sources in text.

please find the answer and the example is those textbook.

Jurmain, Robert, Lynn Kilgore, and Wenda Trevathan
2013 Essentials of Physical Anthropology, Ninth Edition. Wadsworth/Cengage
Learning. Belmont, CA (There is a copy on reserve in the library)
The National Academy of Science
2008 Science, Evolution, and Creationism. The National Academies Press,
Washington, D.C