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MNEs should seek to create profit that does not inflict harm on stakeholders in general. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) endorses a vision of business accountability to shareholders, employees, environment, and society. MNEs are required to contribute to sustainable development by being socially and environmentally responsible.
If found, discuss whether the chosen MNE (below) has sought to inflict any harm on one or more of its stakeholders for profit seeking.
Demonstrate the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives by your chosen MNE, and explain the main motives for your MNE to adopt these CSR initiatives.
Evaluate (with evidences) the outcomes of the CSR initiatives on stakeholders, and how these initiatives influenced the corporate image and reputation for the MNE.
What would you recommend to improve the CSR initiatives in your chosen MNE?

Choose any of the following multinational corporations for your case study:

The recommended layout of your case study is suggested to be as follows:
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Table of contents

General case study guidelines
1- Reserve the first page (cover page) to your name, student ID, course name, and date & number of words, and university.
2- You should write in times new roman font, size 12, with 1.5 spaces, no bold or italic except for the section heads if you want.
3- Pages should not have frames, shades or colors or other fancy decorations, just plain pages with no folders or covers, stapled from the top left corner side