Microsoft Cost Structure

Prepare a three to four page report titled “Microsoft Cost Structure”. The report should be based on the publicly available information that you obtained.

Compose your report in Microsoft Word following APA guidelines. Please include your name, the assignment name and number, the course and section number, and the date on your title page. The report should contain all sources you utilized in its preparation, properly cited according to APA guidelines.

You need to include the following sections in your report:

An overview of your company’s cost structure:
Types of fixed costs
Types of variable costs
Factors affecting these costs
Average cost behavior and trends over time

Elasticity discussion:
Do you believe that, in general, the demand for your company’s products and / or services is elastic? Why? (Would the total quantity demanded in the market decrease proportionately more with an increase in price?)
Do you believe that, in general, the supply for the industry, where your company operates is elastic? Why? (Would the total quantity supplied to the market increase proportionately more with an increase in price?)
Characteristics of a short run (timeline, nature of fixed costs)

Explain whether it is possible for your company to operate at a loss in the short run
Short run vs. long run dynamics for your company:
Estimate your firm’s fixed costs and variable costs based on the Income Statements for the three latest years for your company (available on Yahoo! Finance); classify the costs as either fixed or variable. Comment on the dynamic (changes) in your company’s cost structure.

Conclusion – your company’s ability to adjust to changing market conditions
**Note- I have attached the first Microsoft paper written by Dream Essays and the sources are below. Please use Yahoo Finance if needed** (2015). Microsoft Corporation at a Glance. Retrieved from

Yahoo Finance. (2015, April 10). Microsoft Corporation. Retrieved from

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