Microfinance In India

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I. Kudumbashree:
Read the article on Social Action, Empowerment and Gender Equity: Kudumbashree (in Blackboard Course Documents under the Kerala folder) and look at the slides on Kudumbashree; feel free to use the Internet, as well – just make sure the sites are credible and cite them in your answer.

Question: What does Kudumbashree do? Make sure to touch on the following aspects: savings, producer or marketing cooperatives, social welfare.


Look at the second part of the article “Microfinance and Human Development” (under Course Documents in the Microfinance folder) and the slides on ESAF: Overview (under Course Documents in the Kerala folder) and the and answer the following questions:

Question? : How does ESAF implement a microfinance-plus approach? (See discussion of microfinance-plus in the first half of the article on Microfinance and Human Development)