Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems with pic18f458 using c language (lab ash)



 MPLAB –  proteus software

 Logic probe





Test the operation of the ports of your Development board as follows. Write and compile a program to toggle all the bits of PORTA, and PORTB continuously by sending 55H and AAH to these ports. The PORTA and PORTB pins are connected to the LED of the Board. Use your board to watch the bits of the ports toggle on and off. Make sure that the time delay in between the “on” and “off” states is long enough that you can observe each state clearly.(build the circuit daigram using proteus software )






Test the PIC’s ports for input operation as follows. PORTA and PORTB is connected to the push buttons of on board. Write and run a program to get data from PORTB and send it to PORTA. Any change of status of the switches connected to PORTB will be instantly reflected on LEDs connected to PORTA. (build the circuit daigram using proteus software )


* for both activity program pic18f458 with c language

* need the circuit in proteus and the c code