Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Diagnosing viral infections
A diagnostic microbiology laboratory receives hundreds of samples to screen for viral infections and
utilises a variety of techniques to identify any viral pathogens present. For this assessment you need
to detail the samples that might be collected and tests employed on those samples. This should
include a detailed critique of why certain samples are used for certain viruses and the
advantages/disadvantages of the tests described.
You should make your arguments clearly and support them with information from scientific
publications. The use of fully annotated diagrams, where appropriate, is encouraged. Use the
published literature not only to support your ideas but also to help add depth and detail to your
report. You must use Word format Calibri font, size 12 and 1.5 spacing, have 2.54 cm (1 inch)
margins and numbered pages. You will lose marks if your report does not use this format. Your
report must be no more than 10 pages in length (excluding reference list) but doesn’t need to be 10
pages – succinct scientific writing will score more marks than 10 pages of waffle! If it is more, only
the first 10 pages will be read and marked.

Assessment criteria
• Good standard of scientific English
• Appropriate length
• Appropriately and neatly presented
• Evidence of use of relevant literature
• Clear evaluation of literature
• Scientific justification for conclusions