MGMT assignment assignment

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1.        How does Dr. Carey define leadership?

2.        Draw and label Blake & Mouton’s Managerial Grid.  Label where you were when you started MGMT 4010 with an “S” and where you were when the course ended with an “E”.
What influenced you to move from the start of the course to where you were at the end of the course?

3.        What’s more important, task or people?
Circle only one:                 TASK                      PEOPLE
And explain why:

4.       Describe your task (goal) orientation:

5.       Describe your people orientation:

6.       How did you motivate your associates: intrinsically and extrinsically?
Which is best, why?

7.        What do you recommend to improve the MGMT 4010 class and/or the project team experience?