Metaphors in Politics: The case of Barack Obama

Obamas State of the Union Adresses (7 Speeches from 2009 to 2015) need to be analyzed for metaphors. These speeches have been chosen because they have the same register, approx. same length etc. (this would go into data and methodology) There is no concrete aim, analyze and see what you find. Could look at target/source domains. Are there for example a lot of metaphors in the field of health? Does that change from year to year? If you find sth how can that be explained? For exapmple: There could be a lot of building metaphors due to 9/11. Questions to be answered: Why analyze Metaphors and not eg Conceptual blending? What research has been done before? How do you decide what counts as a metaphor and what not? The metaphor identification procedure by Steen could be used to answer this question. Ideally every step is explained and backed with theory/previous findings.