Merchandising & Buying

Merchandising & Buying

Assignment 1 – Feed forward
1.0    What makes a good assignment

1.1    Use a Report format
A document called ‘Writing a Report’ is available on NILE.
Report writing guide & layout:

1.2    Make sure you create a contents page with page numbers, numbered headers and sub headers.
A good report format will include a contents page.

1.3    Good academic research is essential
Use the on-line library and through Metalib you can access relevant articles in a variety of journals that will inform your work.

While the use of text books is acceptable, it is the use of academic articles that is desired.

1.4    Make sure you read the assignment brief thoroughly.
There are no marks for answering the wrong question.  So make sure you answer the assignment brief.
1.5    Writing Style
You need to write in a critical way, where you compare and contrast different authors from your journal research. There is a document on Critical Writing on the Nile

site, make sure you review this document to help you with your writing style.


1.6     Word Count
You have 2000 words +/- 10%. Do not exceed the word count and make sure you fully utilise the word count you have been given.

1.7     Submission
You need to submit an electronic version or your assignment via NILE and a hard copy via the student assessment office.

The deadline dates are: electronic submission – Wednesday 17th December 2014 by 11.59pm

2.0    Assignment Content

2.1    Task

Refer to assignment brief

2.2    Report brief

The report needs to evaluate underpinning theory and current trends involving visual merchandising. So make sure you include content from all the lectures from term 1.

2.3    Location

Make sure you research the surrounding area of your retail outlet. Use statistics from the local government or the Office of National Statistics to help you define

your surrounding area and target market. On-line library sources for example Keynote and Mintel might help you here.

2.4    Recommendations

Your recommendations can either be at the end of each theory section or at the very end of your report as a list of recommendations.

Make sure you give logical and reasoned recommendations.

3.0    Examples from last year’s assignment

3.1    Assignment tutor feedback from previous year
•    Well thought out, good structure and good use of direct quotes.
•    You have clearly demonstrated a very good understanding and analysis of the theory
•    Less dependence on Lusch et al would improve your work.
•    You provided some good research which supported and informed your work.
•    You have shown good application of the theory and have demonstrated a strong understanding of merchandising.
•    More research is needed from journals to inform and support your report.
•    More research into journals to support the theory will improve your grade.
•    Overall your report is quite descriptive and lacks research and references to support your comments.
•    Better thought through recommendations would improve your report
•    Much more research needed if you want to improve your grade
•    Some good observations and sound application of theory throughout.
•    The lack of research and references has limited your grade.
•    Your recommendations should have been set out more clearly.
•    Recommendations were unclear and did not necessarily logically follow on from observations.
•    Lack of research and references has sorely capped your grade!
•    At this level you are expected to carry out research into journals and other text books
•    Report was a little unfocused and needed some more structure.
•    You need to build an argument to support each recommendation.

Seminar exercise:
Devise a report ‘outline’ / contents page with an approximate word count allocation to each section.

Harvard Referencing
Interactive activity with Harvey