Mental Health

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Abstract 1
In Chapter 1, 2 and 4 we discussed Health with Self, Family, and Community, Mental Health, Stress, and Sleep. Your assignment for Abstract 1 is to find and Health related article that you feel relates in some way to any topic covered in Chapters 1, 2, and 4. You will then summarize this article in the context of how it pertains to Health and Wellness. Throughout the abstract, discuss how the article impacts your viewpoint addressing details and examples to support your opinion . Please do not just summarize the definition of a particular disease.
This article must be obtained from a credible newspaper or magazine source (see page 2 for examples). All articles must be attached to your summary. No summary will be accepted without your article. This Abstract formatted using MLA or APA and will be 1.5 pages, double spaced. The Abstract will be evaluated using the following rubric:
Total Points
Completeness of Written Summary
* Summary written in proper paragraph format. Complete sentences, correct spelling, punctuation, & grammar, were used.
* Title of article and author’s name are included in the text. Direct quotes are placed in quotation marks and in MLA or APA format. .
* Paper addressed all the key ideas presented in the article. Clear examples and facts from the articles are presented to support key ideas.
Analysis & Opinion
? Paper addressed key ideas he/she agreed or disagreed with. Details and examples to support his/her viewpoint presented throughout.
Personal opinion about the topic presented throughout. A thorough detail to support his/her viewpoint is shared.
Total Points
Point value for this Abstract will be based out of 20 total possible points. This Abstract will be due on Thursday September 19th. Abstracts must be printed and turned in date that they are due. I will not accept any late abstracts or abstracts via email.
Examples of Newspaper and Magazine Sources:
* New York Times (
* Chicago Sun Times (
* LA Times: (
* San Francisco Chronicle (
* San Diego UT (
* OC Register (
* Time magazine: (
* Newsweek: (
* U.S. News and World Report: (
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