Men and women Participation in Household Chores

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This writing is based on the book Utilitarianism by J.S. Mill and Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals by Immanuel Kant. This question is for the continuation of the paper I have wrote that I have attached. The continuation has to be 3-5 pages long, so the total number of pages with the continuation is 8-10 pages long. Please feel free to edit the first part of the essay.

Rewrite your introduction as appropraite, rewrite your Mill section as appropriate, using my comments on your Mill draft. Do the same for Kant as you have done for Mill. If you wish, you may change the news story you are writing about, but then you have rewrite the introduction and the Mill section using the new story you have selected. You will receive only minor comments from me on this draft; most of your comments will come from your critique partner.