This final assignment consists of three questions that require written explanations
in the form of a business memorandum. You MUST complete Question I (all parts), and you can
choose EITHER Question 2 OR Question 3. Each memo should be a mm of two pages,
single-spaced. You may consult whatever reference materials you like, but please work
independently (the only exception here is receiving support from the Baruch Writing Center).
How will your memos be evaluated?
There will be two components to the evaluation First, the evaluation will consider the
appropriateness of the i.e., whether the infomiation you
provide is correct. Second, the quality of your writing will be evaluated.
Two grades will be awarded (each count as 50-percent of the grade for each question):
C = A grade for the Content. This grade will reflect the quality and correctness of your analysis.
W = A grade for the Writing. This grade will reflect the quality of the writing. Critical issues
here include (but are not limited to):
I) Does the memo address the issues raised in the question“.7
2) Is the memo well organized?
3) Grammar
4) Spelling
5) Sentence structure
W 6) Clarity
For both content and writing, I will assign grades using the following 3-level scale:

P = Professional. In the case of writing this means that the writing is at the high standard
that is expected in a professional business setting.

S = Satisfactory. It’s not quite professional, but with some work you can get there. If you
get an “S” for your writing, this means that it needs some work before your writing
would be considered adequate for a professional business setting.

NP = Not Professional. This grade means that your submission is seriously deficient. If you
earn this grade for your writing, this means that your writing is quite deficient and far
below the standard expected in a professional business setting.

The completed writing assignment (not more than four pages maximum, single-spaced) is due on
Thursday, May 21″ at midnight Please turn in the assignment using the course Blackbon site. 1
Under “Content,” go to “Final Writing Assignment” and follow the instructions to submit your
assignment. Note: Blackboard automatically checks all submissions for plagiarism, so please be

sure that your writing is your own work. Feel free to contact me via email anytime before the due