Meeting Agenda Assignment

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Meeting Agenda Assignment 
You will create two different types of Agendas. The first agenda you will create is the: Meeting Agenda, then you will create a: Board of Directors Agenda. You will decide what type of meeting this will be for. Choose something from work, an organization you belong or volunteer organization you are involved in. Remember when creating your Agendas you will use action verbs, the items should be specific to what you want to accomplish and each items should be assigned to a person. You may use any sources you find to help you create your agendas just remember about plagiarism.

Here are a couple of resources to get you started:
Meeting Agenda Template
ASAE Center

Each agenda should be typed with as much detail as possible included. Label your agenda’s Meeting Agenda, and Board of Directors Meeting Agenda with the name of the organization, group etc. The agendas should be one page in length each.

**** The professor is very picky about using resources in the body of the paragraph when it needed and gives credits to the original writer or websites or….., So, please make sure if you have any thought from anywhere to cite it in the body of the paragraph beside the citation, also and PLEASE make sure about the PLAGIARISM.