Mechanical Design

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Learning Outcomes to be assessed:

Learning    US – Underpinning Science and Mathematics
Outcome    US3: Ability to apply and integrate knowledge and understanding of materials,
1    processes, inspection and design disciplines to define manufacturing specifications and
efficient and cost-effective manufacture.

Learning    E – Engineering Analysis
Outcome    E2: To be ability to identify, classify and describe the performance of manufacturing
2    design decisions through the use of systematic analysis, analysis and modelling
E3: To be competent in the use of commercial software packages to design, analyse
and model mechanical design systems.

Learning    D – Design
Outcome    D3: Identify and manage cost drivers that influence the choice of manufacturing
3    processes.
D6: Manage the design for manufacture process relevant to products and systems and
evaluate outcomes

Learning    P – Engineering Practice
Outcome    P6: Understanding of British and International standards appropriate to product design
4    and manufacture
P7: To be aware of the quality issues underpinning manufacturing design, eg
uncertainty, dimensional and geometric tolerances, surface finish.
P8: To be aware of how uncertainty applies to manufacturing processes and