MBA in Leadership and Sustainability

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Question1.Using  the Assessment tools we have discussed in unit 6, (McKinsey 7-S framework, Balanced Scorecard, SWOT Analysis etc) provide a complete assessment of the company you are currently working for. If you were CEO what would you change and why – provide your recommendation with a Before and After Organizational chart. – If you are not working at this time – use a past employer.

Using the above-mentioned tolls, the attached study materials and the Organizational Chart, the following instructions should be adhered:
1. The response must not exceed 3000 (i.e. exceeding the limit by more than 10%) words excluding bibliography, index and cover page. Please edit the paper for grammar and sentence structure. The word limit applies to the main response only, and excludes headings or exhibits and bibliography. 
2. The response should demonstrate skills of critical reflection, effective communication and balanced judgement along with application of theories and reading materials discussed (please see attachments).
3. Clarity is important; while there is no perfect English is expected, the paper must be proof read to eliminate confusing passages and major errors. Any data in the answer should be clearly laid out in tabular format so that the approach and answer are both plainly evident.
4. Plagiarism: Finally, and most importantly, this work must be original. The paper will be submitted to electronic databases to identify plagiarized submissions, Please note carefully that you may consult academic texts or other sources on theoretical aspects, but if you copy any text from any external sources you must correctly reference the source in the text (using Harvard), and clearly identify any copied text by means of italics or inverted commas. This includes text written by you.
5. The widely and out sources material are encouraged to be utilized.