Math Project

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This assignment is for Elementary Algebra, so please use simple math to answer all the question.

Complete the following by using the online Desmos  graphing software (

My desmons user account is PW  is: z147852

Please save your work when you are down.

  1. Create a team name (any name you want) using at least 3 letters. Graph this name in Desmos. To do this, use functions with restricted domain. You must use each of the following functions at least once: line, circle,parabola, absolute value, square root, and cubic function.
  2. By creating sliders in Desmos, add four total sliders which perform each of the following function transformations on your word from part 1. Note, the entire word should move in unison!

(a) Horizontal shifting by distance h.

(b) Vertical shifting by distance k.

(c) Vertical stretching by factor a.

(d) Horizontal shifting by factor b.

  1. (A) Allow for reflection across the x-axis and y-axis in problem 2.

(b) Create a slider which rotates at least one of your letters.

(c) Create any moving picture you wish. You must include shading with this picture. Points here are determined by creativity!