MATH 540 HW W11

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QUESTION#1 Agree or Disagree with the student and why?
According to chapter-6, the assignment model is a “special form of linear programming model, in fact it’s similar in one way and different in another way. For example, the Assignment linear programming model handles a different set of problems.  The Assignment linear programming model handles problems such as “supply at each source and the demand at each destination are limited to one unit.” (pg.240) the best example to use to describe how the Assignment linear programming works in the work force is the “transporting Mail at the U.S Postal Service case story.  The United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of United States largest Services, in fact, according to the story; the United States Postal Service has one of the most complex transportation networks in the world annually delivering more than 200 billion pieces of mail.” On an average weekday the USPS make more than 75,000 trips between more than 30,000 faculties cross the United States.
What benefits would be gained from using this model?
A USPS transportation analysis manager uses this type of model to identify cost savings opportunities, such as trip between facilities, mail centers, transfer bulks of mail to processing and distribution centers. Priority mail centers and air mail center etc.  The USPS uses the Assignment linear programming model to conduct time saving management that will help to minimize travel time cost, while still maintaining delivery requirements.

Select one (1) of the following topics for your primary discussion posting:
Explain the assignment model and how it facilitates in solving transportation problems. Determine the benefits to be gained from using this model.
Identify any challenges you have in setting up an transshipment model in Excel, and solving it with Solver. Explain exactly what the challenges are and why they are challenging. Identify resources that can help you with that.

QUESTION#3 Agree or Disagree with the student and why?
The course was interesting and challenging to learn. When we began the course, I did not have an idea on the practical importance of this course. Throughout the cause; I have learnt that decision making in logistics, vehicle routing, scheduling, budgeting, facility location and other numerous problems can be determined using mathematical models with great accuracy. The course was quite challenging in terms formulating and solving problems. Despite the challenges, the course has enlightened me on optimization and decision making methods. I will apply this knowledge on integer programming in evaluating capital projects be undertaken by the company I work for.  In addition, I will apply LP techniques in formulating and solving logistic problems in the company. Using knowledge on LP, I will be able to determine the optimal production rate, inventory level and solve complicated supply vehicle routing problems.